How to Check the Fuel Pressure for a Subaru Outback

by Tim Petruccio

The Subaru Outback was first introduced in 1995 as a car that could handle the rugged roads and trails that a truck could handle. The term Outback is often associated with rough country terrain in Australia. The initial Outback spokesman was Paul Hogan (famed "Crocodile Dundee" star), when Outback was introduced to America. The Outback is still available for the 2011 model year. Testing the fuel pressure on an Outback is an identical process regardless of the year.

Step 1

Sit in the driver's seat of the vehicle, and turn the engine on. If the engine will not start, then have an assistant sit in the driver's seat for the remainder of this project.

Step 2

Open the hood the of the vehicle, and locate the fuel rail, on the top side of the engine. The fuel rail is the metal rail that delivers fuel to the injectors. Locate and remove the fuel pressure testing cover from the fuel rail. The tester port cover looks like a valve stem cap from a tire and is sticking out from the fuel rail.

Step 3

Insert the fuel pressure tester onto the fuel pressure testing port of the fuel rail by hand. If the vehicle is already running, take note of the pressure that the fuel rail is producing. This is the fuel pressure for your vehicle. If the vehicle is not running, have your assistant turn the key so that the engine turns over. Take note of the fuel pressure in the fuel rail when your assistant turns the key. Replace the fuel pressure testing port cap or cover when you are done taking your readings.

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