How to Check the Transmission Fluid Level on a 2007 Jeep

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Many 2007 Jeeps have sealed transmissions, which means you cannot check the level of the transmission fluid on your own. For sealed transmissions, you'll need to bring the vehicle to a Jeep dealer, according to the 2007 Jeep owner's manual. However, some models have a transmission dipstick. If your Jeep has one, you can easily check the level of the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid does not burn off like oil, so if the fluid is low, you likely have a leak.

Step 1

Park your Jeep on level ground. Engage the parking brake for safety. Leave the engine running at its idle speed. Let it run for 10 to 15 minutes to allow it to reach the normal operating temperature before beginning. Leave it running throughout the procedure.

Step 2

Change the gear shifter through each of the gears ("Reverse", "Drive," "Neutral," "1," "2") with your foot on the brake. Leave the gear shifter in each gear for a couple of seconds, and then return the shifter to "Park."

Step 3

Open the hood. Locate the dipstick labeled "ATF" or "Transmission Fluid." Pull the dipstick out. Wipe the end of the dipstick, and then reinsert it into the dipstick tube.

Step 4

Remove the dipstick again. Examine the indicator on the end of it. You should see a healthy coating of transmission fluid between the two holes marked "Hot."

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