How to Check an Evinrude Stator

by Ashton Daigle
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If your Evinrude outboard boat motor will not start and you have ruled out obvious problems like a dead battery, you can run a simple test on your motor's stator. This is a part of the rotor system that interacts to create motion. A stator can be easily tested with a digital multimeter. Stator resistance ranges vary from motor to motor. Before performing the test you will have to determine the proper stator range for your motor. Do this by either consulting your owner's manual or contacting a marine repair shop.

Step 1

Remove your negative battery cable.

Step 2

Remove the engine cover and locate your stator. It is directly on top of your motor's block, near the spark plugs and points. Check that the stator plate is secure; tighten if necessary with a socket set.

Step 3

Set your multimeter to the "Ohms" setting and turn the power on.

Step 4

Place the positive (red) end of your meter's probe against the blue wire connected to your stator.

Step 5

Place the negative (black) lead to the negative terminal of your stator. If the resistance falls within the ranges appropriate for your engine, your stator is working properly. However, if the resistance is higher than that of your engine's maximum range, the stator will need to be replaced.

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