How to Charge the A/C System on a Hyundai

by Matthew Munoz
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Charging a Hyundai's refrigeration system is vital to keeping the car cool and dry during the hot summer months. The air-conditioning system in cars may become undercharged because of leaks. Leaks are the result of old piping and old seals. If the system isn't sufficiently charged, then it won't be able to operate correctly. This is a fairly simple job that can be completed in less than an hour for less than $40.

Step 1

Pop the car's hood to expose the A/C charging valve. The valve will have a blue cap, and it will be located near to the radiator. Remove the cap. This is the low-side valve.

Step 2

Turn on the car and the air conditioner. The car should be running to ensure that the refrigerant is absorbed into the system.

Step 3

Hook up the can of refrigerant to the A/C adapter. If your car was made after 1993, then it will be designed for R-134a refrigerant. If not, it may be designed for R-12. Be sure to check the Hyundai owner's manual to ensure the correct refrigerant is used.

Step 4

Attach the A/C adapter to the low-side charging valve. You can be sure that this is the correct valve because the adapter will not hook up to the high-side valve. Turn the refrigerant can upside down and open the valve in the adapter to allow flow. Agitate the can occasionally and continue filling until the can is completely empty.

Step 5

Check the vents. If the car is blowing adequately cold air, then it is sufficiently charged. If the air is still warm, then connect another can of refrigerant and repeat the process.

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