How to Change a Toyota Corolla Starter

by Don Bowman

It is not uncommon for a no-start problem to be mistakenly blamed on the starter when an electrical problem is the real problem. If a starter will not engage and turn the engine, several things should be checked before spending money on a new starter. The battery charge, fuse and relay should be checked first. Another source of starter problems is the power or ground wires. They should be checked for good, solid, clean connections.

Step 1

Lift the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the air cleaner assembly and elbow.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts holding the starter to the transmission. The top bolt is located under the air cleaner tube elbow and the other bolt, which is the bottom bolt, runs through the transmission bell housing into the starter.

Step 3

Remove the starter through the bottom of the car. Rock the starter back and forth to break it loose and then withdraw it far enough to remove the electrical connections. Remove the electrical connections. Remove the small diameter wire first (it's the switched actuating wire). Remove the large diameter wire that goes to the solenoid (this is the wire that runs directly to the battery).

Step 4

Install the new starter by connecting the electrical connectors first, then the bolts. Install the air cleaner and the other parts that were removed, and reconnect the negative battery terminal.

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