How to Change the Throttle Position Sensor on a Cavalier

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The throttle position sensor, also called the TP sensor, helps to regulate the throttle position on a car's engine. A faulty TP sensor can cause an illuminated check engine light in your Cavalier, as well as cause the engine to run inefficiently. Replacing the TP sensor is simple, quick and inexpensive. It is recommended to use GM factory parts when replacing items on your Chevrolet Cavalier.

Step 1

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Disconnect the negative battery cable for safety and gather the tools and parts needed for replacement.

Step 2

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Locate the throttle position sensor. The sensor is attached to the rear of the throttle body. Disconnect the electrical connection from the sensor.

Step 3

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Use the torx screwdriver or socket to loosen the two bolts on the Cavalier's throttle position sensor, then remove them by hand.

Step 4

Pull the throttle position sensor off; you may have to wiggle it back and forth to remove it.

Step 5

Place the new throttle position sensor in its place. Tighten the torx screws and reconnect the electrical connection and the negative battery cable.

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