How to Change the Power Steering Pump of a 2000 Windstar

by Don Bowman
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The power steering pump on a 2000 Ford Windstar is mounted to an aluminum bracket attached to the engine. The bracket is situated between the front of the pump and the pump pulley. The power steering pump pulley must be removed to gain access to the bolts securing the mounting bracket to the pump. The power steering pump has two hoses leading to the steering gear. The hose with two metal connections, located on the backside of the pump, is the high-pressure hose. The other hose is the low-pressure return hose.

Step 1

Lift the vehicle’s hood and loosen the serpentine tensioner. Place a ratchet in the square opening in the tensioner and pull the tensioner away from the belt and remove just the belt from the power steering pump pulley. Place a drain pan under the power steering pump.

Step 2

Look at the back of the pump. You will see two hoses, one held on with a hose clamp, which is the low-pressure return hose, and one threaded into the pump, which is the high-pressure hose. Remove the clamp that secures the low-pressure hose with a screwdriver. Allow it to drain into the drain pan. Remove the fitting on the high-pressure hose with a line wrench.

Step 3

Place the power steering pulley removal tool on the nose of the pulley. Place the two clamps around the nose of the pulley and the tool, and place the retaining ring over the clamps so they do not come off the nose of the pulley. Hold the top of the remover tool shaft with a wrench to keep it from turning then turn the center of the tool counterclockwise with another wrench to remove the pulley.

Step 4

Remove the three 13 mm bolts on the front of the pump and the one in the rear with a socket. Remove the pump from the bracket.

Step 5

Install the new pump onto the mounting bracket with the three bolts in the front and the one in the rear, tightening them with the socket. Push the pulley onto the power steering pump shaft as far as possible. Thread the center stud into the nose of the power steering pump shaft with the pulley remover and installer tool. This time do not use the two clamps; the tool’s center body will push the pulley down onto the shaft.

Step 6

Hold the top end of the pulley remover and installer tool with the wrench so it does not move. Turn the center of the tool clockwise with another wrench to push the pulley onto the shaft. Reinstall both power steering hoses onto the backside of the pump. Pull the belt tensioner away from the accessory belt with the wrench. Push the belt onto the power steering pump pulley and allow the tensioner to apply pressure to the belt.

Step 7

Fill the power steering pump with fluid. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel all the way in both directions several times to evacuate the air in the system.

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