How to Change Stabilizer Link

by Chris Moore

The stabilizer bar on any vehicle is connected to the control arms through two vertically positioned link rods. Any damage to one of these link rods will cause a major issue with the vehicle's suspension, and you need to replace this link immediately. The exact method may vary slightly, specifically with the type and positioning of the bolts and/or nuts it uses. The most important task is making sure you properly support the vehicle and suspension.

Raise the vehicle on its front or rear end -- depending on the stabilizer bar you are working on -- and support it on jack stands.

Unbolt and remove any plates that are in the way of the stabilizer bar, which can include the engine shield or the oil pan skid plate.

Position and raise the floor jack under the stabilizer bar to take the vehicle's weight off of it. Raise another jack under the control arm connected to the same link.

Remove the bolts/nuts connecting the stabilizer bar link to the bar and the control arm and remove the link. You may need to lower the jack under the stabilizer bar just enough to clear it from the link.

Connect the replacement link rod to the control arm and then to the stabilizer bar itself, raising the jack under the bar if necessary, then apply the nuts/bolts.

Lower and remove the jacks from underneath the control arm and stabilizer bar, then reconnect any of the protective plates.

Lower the vehicle off the jack stands using the floor jack.

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