How to change Inner tie rod end on Audi A6 quattro

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Changing the inner tie rod requires a special inner tie rod end removal tool with a crows bar, and the process includes the removal of the outer tie rod end as well. However with the right tools, it is a do-it-yourself job that anyone can do.

Outer tie rod removed

Jack up the car, remove the wheels, and remove the outer tie rod end. If your unsure, check my how to guides on them. Links are at the bottom of the page under additional resources.

Inner tie rod end boot removed

There will be 2 clamps holding the inner tie rod end boot. The small inner clip is a pinch clip that you can remove with your fingers. The inner clamp requires a flat head to undo the clamp.

Tie rod complete set, Inner tie rod end tool

The parts to be replaced. I decided to change my outer tie rod end as well. I used the Lisle 45750 Inner tie rod end tool which cost about $60 at

1 1/2 crows foot

Make sure the tie rod end tool comes with a 1 1/2 (38.4mm) crows foot. This should fit your inner tie rod end.

Fit the crows foot on the inner tie rod end

Slide the inner tie rod end tool in and lock in the crows foot. Attach a ratchet to the end of the tool and turn counter clockwise to remove the inner tie rod end.

You can reuse the outer pinch clamp of the boot, but the inner large clamp will need to be replaced. Installation is everything in reverse, and you are all done!


  • check Your car will most likely need an alignment at the shop(about $90).

Items you will need

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