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How to Change The Fuel Pump in a 1993 Honda Accord

by Zyon Silket

The fuel pump in the 1993 Honda Accord attaches to the outside of the fuel tank. This makes it an easier and safer job for the do-it-yourself mechanic who wants to avoid being charged a lot of money to have a repair facility replace the fuel pump. The fuel pump uses pressure to force the fuel from the tank to the engine. When the pump fails, the engine cannot get enough fuel to run properly.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery with a socket and ratchet.

Jack the rear end of the vehicle up and place it on jack stands.

Remove the gas cap to relieve pressure on the fuel system.

Remove the left front wheel from the vehicle using an impact wrench or tire iron.

Remove the bolts that secure the fuel pump cover on to the left side of the gas tank housing with a socket and ratchet. You can easily locate the fuel pump because the metal fuel line goes into the cover.

Remove the three bolts that secure the fuel pump to its mounting location with a socket and ratchet.

Disconnect the electrical connectors from the fuel pump.

Disconnect the fuel hose clamp with pliers and then pull the flared fuel line fitting from the hose thus releasing the pump from the hose.

Slide the flared fuel line fitting onto the pump and secure it with the fuel hose clamp using your pliers.

Bolt the new pump onto the pump's mounting location using the three bolts and a socket and ratchet.

Reattach the wiring connectors to the fuel pump by pushing the two connectors together.

Secure the fuel pump cover to the left side of the gas tank.

Place the wheel back onto the vehicle and secure it with the lug nuts using the impact wrench or tire iron.

Close the gas cap.

Remove the vehicle from the jack stands.

Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery using a socket and ratchet.

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