How to Change a High Pressure Power Steering Hose

by Peter Lancett
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Hydraulic power steering systems make cars easier to maneuver, particularly in tight spaces, such as parking lots. Power steering uses a motor to force fluid via a high-pressure hose to the steering box and this pressurized fluid helps turn the steering mechanism. If a high pressure hose develops a leak, then the pressure to the steering box is reduced and steering the car becomes progressively more difficult. When this happens, the high pressure hose must be replaced.

Step 1

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Locate the power steering fluid reservoir. Often they are located with the power steering pump, but sometimes they are located elsewhere in the engine bay. Refer to your owner's manual if in doubt. Locate the pressure hose connected to the steering fluid reservoir. This will have a threaded connector held in place by a locking nut.

Step 2

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Prepare the connectors on both ends of the pressure hose by spraying thin penetrating oil to lubricate the threads.

Step 3

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Place a flat bottom pan beneath the connectors you are about to loosen. Loosen the nuts holding the pressure hose in place at both ends, using a wrench.

Step 4

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Remove both ends of the pressure hose from their connections. Carefully remove the hose, making sure to save any loose hose clamps. You will use them again to clamp the new hose back in place.

Step 5

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Connect both ends of a replacement pressure hose to the connectors that the old hose had been attached to. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts so that the connectors are sealed tight. Replace any clamps that had been used to hold the old hose in place.

Step 6

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Top up the steering fluid reservoir to the "cold level." Get rid of any air that would weaken the pressure by turning the steering wheel from lock to lock a few times with the engine running. Replace the cap on the steering fluid reservoir.

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