How to Change Gear Oil in a Chevy 10 Bolt

by Damon Hildebrand
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The Chevy 10-bolt differential is the most popular automotive rear-end second only to the Chevy 12-bolt. With proper care and maintenance, the 10-bolt will provide years of trustworthy service to its car owner. One of the most important maintenance tasks to be performed on the 10-bolt is to change the gear oil. The gear oil can be easily changed by following the Chevy 10-bolt procedure.

Replace Gear Oil in 10-Bolt Chevy Differential

Step 1

Park the car on a flat, level surface and set the parking brake.

Step 2

Jack the rear-end of the car up using the floor jack until the rear axle is high enough to clear the automotive jack stands. Place the rear axle on jack stands spaced approximately thirty-two inches on either side of the differential.

Step 3

Place the drain pan beneath the 10 bolt differential to catch the gear oil as it is drained.

Step 4

Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the differential cover using the 1/2-inch combination wrench. Slowly unscrew plug until gear oil starts to drain around plug into the drain pan.

Step 5

Remove the 10 bolts securing the differential cover to the rear-end using the 9/16-inch combination wrench. Slowly remove the bolts while allowing residual gear oil to drain into drain pan.

Step 6

Remove the differential cover from the rear-end and set aside. Scrape off the cork gasket from the 10-bolt housing with a putty knife.

Step 7

Install new cork gasket onto 10-bolt housing and replace differential cover. Hold cover in place and install the ten bolts into the cover hand tight. Complete installation of bolts by tightening completely with 9/16-inch combination wrench.

Step 8

Install drain plug into differential cover using 1/2-inch combination wrench.

Step 9

Remove the top fill plug from the differential housing using the 1/2-inch combination wrench.

Step 10

Place small funnel into fill hole now accessible with fill plug removed. Fill rear housing to within 1/2-inch of fill hole.

Step 11

Replace fill plug using 1/2-inch combination wrench and wipe any excess oil from differential.

Step 12

Lower the car from the automotive jack stands using the floor jack. Release the emergency brake.

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