How to Change Oil on a Cadillac CTS

by Mark O'Brien

To keep your Cadillac CTS in top condition and increase the life of your vehicle, you will want to perform routine maintenance regularly. A key maintenance practice is to change your engine's oil as specified in the owner's manual. A Cadillac CTS has a suggested oil change interval of every 3,000 miles. When you change the oil, you should change the oil filter, too.


Park your Cadillac CTS on a level area.


Lay under the engine of the Cadillac CTS. Locate the oil drain plug on the back, left side of the engine block. Put the 13mm closed ended wrench on the drain plug and unscrew it. Position the oil drain pan below the oil drain hole and capture all the old oil. Screw the drain plug back in once the oil has drained out.


Locate the oil filtration system. It is on the top of the engine, in front of the oil cap filling lid. The top of the oil filter housing is held on by a 24 mm nut. Unscrew the nut holding the oil filter housing on.


Pull out the old filter. Rub oil around the rubber seal on the top and bottom of the new oil filter. Place the new oil filter in and screw the top of the oil filter housing back on.


Open the oil lid on top of the engine. Pour 5 quarts of oil into the oil fill hole. Check the oil level on the dipstick. Add more oil as needed. Some Cadillac CTS's have 5-quart capacity while some take 6 quarts. Put the oil lid back on when finished.


  • Recycle your used motor oil at a designated recycling facility. Never throw it in the trash or dump it on the ground.

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