How to Change Hummer H2 Brake Pads

by Arthur Barnhouse

Checking and replacing the brake pads on your Hummer H2 is an essential part of the SUV's regular maintenance. After all, without properly functioning brakes, both the safety and performance of the vehicle are seriously compromised. Fortunately, replacing brake pads on your own is a relatively simple job that you can accomplish in a few hours. Also, given that the Hummer H2 has four-wheel disc brakes, you can utilize the same method to change the pads on both the front- and rear-ends of the vehicle.

Step 1

Place the Hummer in "Park" and set the emergency brake. You'll also want to place a small block or brick behind one of the rear wheels for extra safety. Open the hood of the Hummer and remove the cap/lid from the master cylinder. If you'd like to prevent brake fluid from dripping on your engine, wrap an old cloth or rag around the master cylinder.

Step 2

Choose which side of the Hummer you'd like to work on first. Remember, if you're replacing just the front or rear disc brake pads, you must change the brake pads on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. If you're replacing both the front and rear pads, of course you must change the pads on all four calipers.

Step 3

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel you've chosen with a lug wrench and use the Hummer's jack to lift the SUV. Then unscrew the lug nuts completely and remove the Hummer's wheel/tire.

Step 4

Apply brake cleaner to the brake assembly, spraying down both the rotor and caliper to remove any brake dust or debris.

Step 5

Attach your C-clamp to the caliper and brake pads. The clamp should press against the pads in order to compress the pistons inside the caliper. There are two slots on both the top and bottom of the caliper to allow you to attach the C-clamp. Tighten the clamp until you feel both top and bottom pistons compress within the caliper assembly. You may need to attach and tighten the clamp on both the top and bottom parts of the caliper in order to compress both pistons.

Step 6

Loosen the two guide pin bolts on the back of the caliper with the correct size socket and ratchet and remove the bolts. Then carefully rest the caliper atop the rotor assembly.

Step 7

Remove the old, worn pads from the caliper bracket and insert the new pads. Once the new pads are in place, remount the caliper and tighten the guide pin bolts.

Step 8

Replace the wheel/tire and replace the lug nuts. Lower the Hummer and tighten the lug nuts. Replace the next set of pads on the opposite side of the vehicle using the same methods. You can also use the same technique to install brake pads on all four wheels of the Hummer's disc brake system.

Step 9

Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. If you've lost any fluid, replace it and reattach the cap/lid. Pump the Hummer's brakes to build pressure in the braking system before you drive it.

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