How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Toyota Tundra

by Editorial Team

Without a clean fuel filter, your Toyota Tundra’s fuel injectors will become clogged and the fuel pressure regulator may cease working, which can cause major problems for the whole engine. Most mechanics recommend replacing your fuel filter every 50,000 miles. This ensures that there is not an excessive buildup of dirt that can contaminate your fuel injection system. The V6 Toyota Tundra’s fuel filter is located just under the battery, making it much easier to access than the V8, which is inside the fuel tank. If you have a V8 Tundra, Toyota advises against changing your own fuel filter because it involves lifting the car up and dismantling the whole fuel tank. If you have a V6, however, it's easy enough to do.

Step 1

Turn the engine off and remove some pressure from the fuel system by disconnecting the fuel pump connector, which is near the fuel tank. Turn the engine on, and rev it until it stalls. Switch the ignition off.

Step 2

Disconnect the battery and fuel lines. This will allow you to easily remove the old fuel filter. Turn the old filter until you feel it give way, then lift it out. Use the arrow on the top as a reference.

Step 3

Align the new filter so that the arrow is following the direction of the fuel flow. Use new washers to secure the filter. Tighten all the nuts of the fuel lines as you reconnect them.

Step 4

Connect the battery and start the engine.

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