How to Change the Water Pump on a Ford 3.8 V6 Windstar

by John Johnston

If the water pump on your Ford Windstar becomes damaged your engine will no longer be able to cool down. This is because the engine will be unable to receive the coolant required from the radiator. When this occurs you should replace your old water pump with a new one. Head to your auto store to pick up a replacement, making sure you get the correct size and model needed for your Ford Windstar.

Step 1

Open up the hood of your Windstar and locate the battery cables. Use a wrench to remove the bolts that holds the cables in place. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminal.

Step 2

Grab the drain pan and position it directly below the radiator drain plug which is located at the bottom on the radiator. Remove the drain plug and drain the coolant in to the pan.

Step 3

Use a nut driver to loosen the bolt attached to the drive belt tensioner. This will loosen the drive belt and allow you to remove it from the vehicle. Locate the lower radiator hose. Use a wrench to loosen the bolt which fixes the clamp around the hose. Remove the clamp off the hose and disconnect the hose from the water pump.

Step 4

Remove the bolt fixed to the water pump tensioner with the nut driver. Slide the water pump belt off and use a wrench to remove the four mounting bolts which fix the water pump in place. Lift the damaged water pump from the vehicle.

Step 5

Clean the new gasket and rub a thin player of grease on to it. Fix the new water pump in the same place from which you removed the old one with the retaining bolts. Place the water pump belt on the tensioner and tighten the bolt to hold it in place.

Step 6

Place the radiator hose in to the water pump and fix it in place by tightening the bolt around the hose clamp. Put the drive belt on to the drive belt tensioner and fix it in place the same what in which you inserted the water pump belt. Take the cap off the radiator and insert coolant in to the radiator. Reattach the battery cables on to the terminals, fixing them in place with the bolts. Turn on the engine to check that the water pump works correctly.

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