How to Change a Concorde Thermostat

by Gregory Crews

The Chrysler Concorde uses a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the engine. When the engine starts to get hot, the thermostat opens up. The thermostat opens to allow coolant to flow through the engine. Once the engine has cooled down, the thermostat will close. The coolant will flow through the radiator allowing the heat from the coolant to dissipate while it flows through all the narrow ridges of the radiator. Replacing the thermostat will help to ensure the engine runs cool, even on the hottest days.

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. Locate the top radiator hose. Follow the radiator hose to the thermostat housing. The hose is mounted to the inlet pipe of the thermostat housing.

Unbolt the two bolts on the housing with a socket wrench. Pull the thermostat housing cover off the housing with your fingers. You may lose some coolant when you pull the housing apart.

Scrape the gasket material off the surface of the thermostat housing cover and the housing with a putty knife or razor scraper.

Pull the thermostat out of the housing with your fingers. Ensure you remember the exact position the thermostat held in the housing.

Insert the new thermostat in the housing with your fingers. The new thermostat should be positioned the same as the old one.

Lay the gasket around the thermostat-housing surface. Ensure the bolt holes match up to the bolt holes on the surface of the housing.

Place the thermostat cover back onto the housing. Bolt it tight with the socket wrench.

Open the radiator cap by untwisting the cap counterclockwise. Inspect the coolant level by verifying if the level is visible to the neck of the radiator. Pour in new coolant to top it off.

Start the Chrysler Concorde and allow it to idle for five minutes. When the car warms up, observe the level in the radiator. Fill the radiator with coolant as the level drops. Screw the radiator cap back to the radiator once the coolant level is topped off.


  • check Always ensure the gasket is included when purchasing a thermostat.


  • close Always use caution when working around coolant. Ensure the engine is cool before servicing the coolant system.

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