How to Change Brakes on an Acura MDX

by Kyla Chele Cambrooke
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The Acura MDX is a luxury crossover SUV that Acura has manufactured since 2001. This mid-size vehicle accommodates seven people and it has 83.5 cubic feet of cargo space. When you run errands in your Acura MDX, the last thing you need to hear are grinding brakes. This is a sign of worn brakes. Constantly driving on worn brakes causes additional damages to your vehicle, especially the rotors and brake caliper. You can save money by changing your brakes on your Acura MDX yourself.

Remove Old Brakes and Install New Brakes

Step 1

Use a clean turkey baster to remove a third of the brake fluid from the brake master cylinder reservoir.

Step 2

Raise the Acura MDX off the ground with a floor jack or hydraulic pumps. Support the vehicle with jack stands in front.

Step 3

Take off the wheel use a lug wrench and remove the tire assembly.

Step 4

Apply pressure to the spring clips and take off the inside brake pad on the brake caliper.

Step 5

Push the ears of the outer shoe from the brake caliper and glide the torque knobs out of the retention notches.

Step 6

Put new spring clips on the bottom section of the inside brake pad.

Step 7

Place the inner brake pad and spring clip tab next to the brake pad abutment. Push the loop-shaped spring away from the brake rotor. Apply pressure to the spring clip and glide the top portion of the brake bad next to the brake caliper.

Step 8

Position the outer brake pad. Line up the torque knobs on spring clip and the corresponding holes on the brake caliper.

Step 9

Place the brake caliper on the brake rotor. Grease the brake caliper gliding grooves with disc brake caliper oil or a comparable solution.

Step 10

Press a C-clamp or old brake pad to apply force on the piston towards the brake caliper to allow room for the new brake pad.

Step 11

Place new brake fluid inside the master cylinder reservoir.

Step 12

Replace the tire and wheel back on the Acura MDX. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolt to 85 to 115 foot-pounds.

Step 13

Move the jack stands and safely lower the SUV back to the ground. Press the brake pedal to set the brake pads firmly. Test drive the Acura MDX.

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