How to Change a Brake Rotor on a Dodge Ram 2500

by Don Bowman

The front brake rotors on a Dodge Ram 2500 are dual-faced vented rotors. Rotors always have a minimum thickness inscribed into the front of the rotor. They must be checked every time either the pads are being replaced or if they are being turned, due to a warpage situation.

Raise and support the front of the vehicle on the jack stands. Remove the front wheels using the ½-inch drive air gun and the appropriate socket.

Place the drip pan under the rotor and caliper. Loosen the brake bleeder screw using a wrench. Spread the brake pads so you can push the caliper piston back into its bore. Insert the common screwdriver between the inside face of the rotor and the brake pad and pry the piston back into the caliper. Tighten the brake bleeder screw.

Remove the two bolts holding the caliper to the caliper mounting bracket using the 3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket. Lift the caliper off the rotor and support the caliper so it does not hang by its hose.

Remove the caliper-mounting bracket using the 3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket. Remove the rotor by pulling it off the wheel studs.

Replace all components in reverse order of removal. Refill the master brake cylinder. Start the engine and pump the brakes 10 times to adjust the front calipers.


  • close Do not attempt to drive the vehicle without pumping the brakes. There will be no brakes until you pump the brakes up.

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