How to Change an Auto Title in Houston

by Jamie Lisse

Houston is in Harris County, Texas. If you have a car that is registered and titled in Houston, any changes to that title and registration are done through the Harris County Tax Office. Automobile titles in Houston can be transferred and amended for things such as name changes. Changes made to a vehicle title in Houston have a fee associated with them. When you are ready to make changes to your car title, they can be processed in the same day.


Download the appropriate vehicle title form from the Harris County Tax Office website. Forms include MV-465, MV-465A and MV-466.


Complete the form that applies to your situation, such as transferring the title into another person's name. Be sure to list the vehicle VIN, make, model and year on the form.


Sign and date the form before taking it to the Harris County Tax Office. As of April 2010, the office is located at 1001 Preston St. in Houston. Pay the title application fee when you submit the form, which is $33 as of April 2010.

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