How to Caulk a Trailer

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Trailers often require similar maintenance and repairs to a home. They are exposed to weather just as often, and sometimes even road conditions when they are used for traveling. Caulking a trailer can help insulate it from the elements due to the airtight, water-resistant properties of sealant. Applying the caulk to a trailer yourself can be accomplished with the appropriate supplies, which can be found at any home improvement retailer or hardware store.

Choose between butyl or silicone caulk for each target seam in the trailer. Silicone caulk is a general-purpose sealant intended for small to moderate joints and seams. Butyl rubber caulk is more suitable for outdoor purposes and large seams, such as those around windows and door frames.

Wipe the exposed seams with a non-ammonia cleaning product. Dry these areas with a clean rag before applying the caulk.

Mask off the areas near the seams that you don't want to seal. Load the appropriate caulk into the caulking gun, and apply a bead of it directly into a seam of the trailer.

Moisten your index finger with water and glide it evenly along the seam, contouring the shape of any edges or frames. Use the back of an old spoon to level the caulk if the surface is too coarse.

Press the caulk securely into the seams and repeat the process for all targeted areas. Allow the sealant to cure overnight; paint it to match your trailer if desired.

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