What Is a Carburetor Jet?

by Vee Enne
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A carburetor jet is a tiny hole in the venturi, which is the narrow end of a carburetor tube. The carburetor jet is an essential component of an internal combustion engine. This portion of the carburetor is the part that is responsible for allowing fuel to be drawn into combustion chambers, also known as cylinders.


Within the internal combustion engine, there are many small parts that work together to make the engine run. The carburetor, which provides the air/fuel mix that powers the engine, is shaped like a tube. The tube narrows at one end to create a vacuum. There is a hole in the narrow end of the tube, which is also called the venturi. This hole is the carburetor jet. The vacuum in the tube allows fuel to be drawn in through the carburetor jet by the suction created from the vacuum.


The amount of air present in the carburetor, and compressed by the venturi, dictates the amount of power the vacuum provides. The amount of power provided by the vacuum affects the amount of fuel that is pulled through the jet. The carburetor jet draws the correct amount of fuel from the fuel line, for use by the carburetor.


The carburetor jet provides fuel to the carburetor, which then provides a carefully balanced mix of fuel and air to the cylinders. A spark from the spark plugs ignites the mix of fuel and air. The explosion pushes a piston out of the cylinder, forcing it to turn the crankshaft. This action provides power to the engine.


A carburetor jet that draws too much fuel can cause several problems. Excess fuel in the engine reduces fuel efficiency. In addition, it can reduce the life span of an engine by causing wear on engine parts. When a jet doesn't provide enough fuel, the engine will run too hot, which can damage it.


To ensure that the carburetor and the carburetor jet are functioning correctly, it is important to have routine maintenance done on the engine. Making sure that the carburetor is the correct size for the engine is critical, as the carburetor jet size is based on the size of the carburetor. If the carburetor is too big or too small for an engine, the carburetor jet will not provide the correct amount of fuel for that engine.

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