How Does Car Wax Work?

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Sealing the Exterior Surface of a Car

There's a fraction of an inch of shielding provided by most car wax that sits between a car's exterior and the elements of nature, pollution, insects and bird droppings. Wax is a combination of oils and polymers that coat the exterior of an automobile. Car wax enchants the exterior in a blaze of radiance by reflecting the light of the sun. The dazzling reflection of a car freshly waxed and polished is due to the synthetic properties in car wax, including polymers and acrylic sealants. Natural car wax, such as Brazilian carnauba, add a deep glow to the finish of an automobile. For cars that already have a good finish, such as newer cars, it is best to use a wax spray than a wipe on wax.

Comparing Synthetic and Natural Wax

Synthetic wax is widely known for its endurance in abrasive weather. This unnatural wax will last nearly 1 year before a new coat needs to be applied. Synthetic wax is good to work with because it wipes off easy. The down side is that synthetic wax tends to reveal streaks, scratches and paint touch-ups. Synthetic wax falls short of the deep, glowing finish that natural wax users prefer. The problem that most often occurs with natural wax made of carnauba is the residual ghastly streaks of white smudge in the cracks around the car. This occurs due to the type of sap carnauba is made from. The best look without streaks is accomplished synthetically.

New Car Wax Technology

Nanotechnology is used to protect cars at the microscopic level. A field of protection is created by bonding molecules more densely than water molecules. The result is a finish that prevents oxidization and weather damage. Nanotechnology is the next best thing to putting armor over your vehicle, besides the fact that no one can see the armored barrier on the surface of the car. Ultima currently has the best that nanotechnology can offer to protect a car's exterior from weathering and other elements.

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