Can Bent Rims Cause Car Vibrations?

by Reginald Trotsfield
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Bent rims are among several things that can cause vibrations in a car. They can also be difficult to detect. It's important to verify that the vibrations are caused by bent rims on the wheels rather than another problem.


There may not always be vibration when the car is moving. It's common for bent rims to not cause vibration until the vehicle is moving at a higher speed. The automotive website AA1Car says vibration usually starts at a speed of 40 to 50 miles per hour.


Misaligned wheels can cause vibrations similar to the ones created by a bent rim. If the steering while vibrates along with the tires, the problem is likely with the vehicle's alignment.

Checking Yourself

Money can be saved by diagnosing a bent rim at home. It's possible to spot it by lifting your vehicle off the ground with a jack and spinning the tire. If the wheel has an uneven spin, it's likely the rim is bent.

In a Shop

Wheel repair shops have machines that test the balance of the tires. Bent rims usually don't need to be replaced because most shops can repair them.

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