How Can I Get Rid of a Gas Tank?

by Michael Davidson
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Disposing of a gas tank must be done with care. Fuel fumes remain flammable long after the liquid has dissipated and therefore there are laws and guidelines that dictate the proper disposal of fuel containers. They should never be thrown away with the regular garbage and the metallic components can be recycled for further use. Getting rid of a gas tank is not a difficult process but there are some procedures that need to be followed.

Safety Procedures for Disposal

Make sure the tank is entirely empty before attempting any type of disposal and wash out the inside of the tank thoroughly if possible. Many scrap metal companies or landfills will require you to prove that the tank is empty by cutting it open. Be very careful when cutting open a fuel tank because any remaining fumes could still ignite in the event of a spark. If the gas tank being disposed is from a car, contact a local mechanic or auto parts store to see if they would want it for metal or parts.

Scrap yards are also useful for recycling old fuel tanks and other components. They probably won't take propane gas tanks because those don't have much use for automotive purposes and propane fumes can make them hazardous to deal with. Call your local waste management company to see if they can do pickups or if they have locations where you can drop off any fuel tanks. There may be a small fee for the service but they can dispose of the tank safely.

Larger fuel tanks, such as an old diesel tank for farm equipment, may require the use of a specialized company in disposing of it safely. Don't try to dispose of large fuel tanks yourself because you probably don't have the experience needed to do it safely and you could inadvertently violate environmental laws. Specialized companies may cut the tank apart on-site, clean it out, and then remove the individual pieces for destruction or recycling.

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