What Can Happen If You Don't Replace Hub Bearing Assembly?

by Amanda Rumble
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A wheel bearing is integrated into a hub assembly in a vehicle. It allows the wheels to rotate as they support the weight of the vehicle. The seals keep contaminants out and lubrication in. When this seal is broken, the hub bearing assembly requires replacement.


When the hub bearing assembly fails, the driver is going to hear a noise. It is described as a growling, rumbling or cyclical noise. The noise can increase or disappear when you increase your speed and may diminish when you turn in a specific direction.


A sign that you have a bad hub bearing assembly is if the tire has play when you grasp the wheel at the top and bottom and shake it back and form. It should not move any more than a tenth of an inch. If you have too much movement, your vehicle may wander from the road and falsely make you think you need a front end alignment.


The noise you experience is minor in comparison to what can happen. When the assembly has gone bad and is not replaced in a timely manner, the wheel can fall off while driving. This can be dangerous or even deadly if it results in an accident.

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