How to Buy Military Hummers

by Geoffrey St. Marie

The military hummer is an imposing and impressive vehicle; thus, it is clear why enthusiasts in the general public may be interested in purchasing one. There are limited legal ways of doing this.

General Info

Purchasing a hummer directly from the military is against the law. The military is not authorized to allow public sale of these vehicles and the Department of Transportation has disqualified these hummers from private use.


You can perhaps find a decommissioned military hummer selling as scrap. If you have the know-how, equipment and parts, it is not impossible to restore the vehicle to some functional state. Of course, you have to know of a junkyard which has a relationship with military scrap providers.


It is legal to purchase a hummer deemed military surplus. While this kind of event is rare, it still can happen. To properly buy the vehicle, the transaction must occur through the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service. Public buyers have to wait, however, until other government agencies, organizations and charities have first made their choices.

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