How to Buy Cheap Traffic Cones

by Kimberly Johnson

Traffic cones have many uses other than indicating roadwork. They can be useful to carry with you in your car so you can put them out to indicate car trouble. You can also use them near your home or office to prevent illegal parking near buildings. Traffic cones are readily available and relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Look at an auto supply store. An auto supply store like Autozone, or Pep Boys should be your first stop as they have the best selection of traffic cones. You can even find collapsible traffic cones that fit into the back of your car for emergencies.

Look at your local home improvement store. Home improvement stores carry traffic cones, but prices vary and sometimes can be higher than at other stores.

If you can't find a good price on traffic cones at any of your local stores, try looking online. A few great places to get good deals are: Craigslist, Ebay and FreeCycle. You can also perform an internet search for "traffic cones" and many options and prices will be displayed.

Look at city and state auctions. Many people don't realize that all cities and states have auctions to get rid off all the items that they don't need. Believe it or not, used traffic cones are one of the items you can find there. Call up your city officials or go to the city or state website and look for auction information. Many city and state auctions are available online so you many not even have to leave your home.


  • close It is against the law to place traffic cones in the right of way of traffic unless you are performing approved roadwork. Traffic cones should be out of the path of traffic.

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