How to Build a Full Size Wooden Truck Bed

by Nathanael Rittichier

Sooner or later the bed of any truck is beyond repair. Purchasing a new bed for your truck can get expensive, especially for older trucks. Building a wooden truck bed is a fun way to avoid the prices and to make sure you end up with the bed that you prefer.

Remove the old truck bed and all bolts that protrude from the bed frame. You want the frame free from all debris.

Measure the width of the truck bed. Cut the 4 by 6 boards to the same length and lay them horizontally across the width of the bed frame. Make sure the shorter edges are laid flat against the frame. This will give your bed enough height to avoid hitting your wheels when loaded down.

Locate the bolt holes on the frame and drill matching holes in the 4 by 6 boards. Bolt the 4 by 6 boards down to the frame. Use spacing washers to fill any free space in the bolts.

Measure the length you will be needing for your truck bed and cut the 1 by 6 boards to this length. Depending on the width of the bed, you may need to rip cut the boards that will be used for the edges.

Lay the 1 by 6 boards across the 4 by 6 boards so that it extends the length of the bed, and screw the 1 by 6 boards down onto the 4 by 6 boards. If a rip cut was needed, be sure to place these boards on either side of the bed.


  • check Use enough 4 by 6 boards so that the weight of a load is evenly distributed. The amount you need will differ depending on the length of your bed frame.

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