How to Build a Gas Vaporizer

by Nathaniel Miller

Gas vaporizors are additions to your car's fuel delivery system that increase gas mileage and power by vaporizing the liquid gasoline being delivered from the carburetor or fuel injectors. The vaporized gas burns more completely and efficiently than the larger particled liquid gas, and this translates to better mileage and more horsepower from your vehicle's current fuel delivery set up. Gas vaporizers are fairly painless to constructed. The intake of your engine powers a fan that spins and effectively vaporizes the fuel as it enters the engine. These are made with a few commonly found materials and a little bit of ingenuity.

Step 1

Use the tin snips to cut the bottom off of the coffee can and then cut along one side of the can so that you have a curved piece of metal. Lay the fan inside the curved metal and then push the metal together until it touches the sides of the fan. Use the liquid nails to secure the sides of the metal can together and allow to dry.

Step 2

Slide the fan inside the newly formed cylinder and secure by putting liquid nails on the sides of the fan and allowing to dry. This will serve as the main body of your vaporizer.

Step 3

Remove the air cleaner hose from the end of the engine intake and slide the end of the vaporizer body onto the intake. Secure to the intake with the hose clamps and then secure the air cleaner hose onto the other end of the vaporizer.

Step 4

Use the penknife to scrape a small piece of plastic coating off of the positive and negative wires that are connected to your headlights.

Step 5

Wrap the respective ends of the fan wiring around these wires and then cover with electrical tape. Now when you turn the car on and turn the headlights on, the vaporizer will turn on boost your fuel economy.

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