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by Nathaniel Miller
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It is probably about time to replace that cracked and faded dash in your classic Buick. Removing a Buick dash is not that difficult, according to Mike Briglia of Custom Auto Trim, a car accessories company based out of San Diego, California. The most difficult part will be removing the accessories that prevent dashboard removal in the first place. With a few simple hand tools, your Buick dashboard should slide right out with relative ease.

Remove the Trim

The first step to removing the dash in your Buick will be to remove the trim along the edges near the doors and under the steering wheel. This trim assists keeping the dash in place and provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to hide excess wiring. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry under the edges of the trim running down the side of the windshield near the doors and pop the trim loose. Slide the trim pieces from each side out of the car and set aside. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the five to eight mounting bolts holding the steering wheel trim in place. Pull the trim down and away from the dash to remove it.

Remove Accessory Faces

In older Buicks, as the dashboard is removed so is the front face of the radio cover and climate controls. Thus, it is necessary to remove any and all knobs sticking out of these two areas. Climate control knobs simply snap in place, thus by grasping each of them firmly with pliers, you can pull away from the dash to pop them loose and remove them. Many radio knobs can be removed the same way or some even screw on. Use pliers to hold the shaft of the knob and then turn the knob itself counterclockwise.

Remove the Dash

Slide the blade of a flat-blade screwdriver around the edges of the dashboard and use firm, but careful pressure to pop each of the mounting tabs out of place. Work methodically around the edge of the dashboard, making sure to remove each tab, then remove the four mounting screws holding the base of the dashboard to the frame of the Buick interior. Jerk up and away from the vehicle frame to pop the dashboard free and then maneuver it carefully through the cab to slide it out of the passenger side door.

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