The Best Brands of Serpentine Belts

by Robert Good
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A serpentine belt is a large belt that connects to the engine pulleys on an engine and powers the components mounted to the engine, such as the power steering pump. The serpentine belt is also called a driver belt. Different vehicles need different types and sizes of serpentine belts. High-performance engines that produce a lot of horse power will need a serpentine belt that can withstand high temperatures and constant stress. Smaller engines that produce less horse power will need a serpentine belt with no special reinforcement. You can purchase most serpentine belts at your local auto parts store but you will need to purchase specialty serpentine belts from a special dealer. Serpentine belts cost from $15 to $120, depending on the size and type of engine you are working on.


Goodyear serpentine belts run quieter, stretch less, and transfer more power compared to other belts. As these belts warm up, the composite construction between the pulley and the rubber on the belt becomes more efficient at turning your engine's accessories. By absorbing the shock and vibration of the crank pulley, the belts will help your harmonic damper to better reduce vibrations.


Dayco is a small company that produces serpentine belts for just about every type of engine. Dayco belts are not very expensive and are not as strong as high-performance belts. They are commonly used on small engines that produce a small amount of horse power.


Bando produces just about every type of serpentine belt for almost every vehicle on the market. Bando offers serpentine belts for race cars of various types and marine engines in addition to everyday cars and trucks.

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