How to Blend in Clear Coat

by Jenny Carver

Clear coat serves as the top coat of almost every paint job found on vehicles today, providing a protective layer that keeps drying UV rays and other elements away from the base color coat. It also adds a layer of shine to the vehicle. You must apply a new coat of clear coat whenever you repaint an area. When you apply this coat, you must blend it with the surrounding surface of your car to prevent the repainting from becoming noticeable.

Mix the clear coat paint with the reducer according to the instructions on the clear coat can. Most clear coat paints require a ratio of one part reducer to four parts clear coat. Stir the mixture well, and pour it into a spray gun.

Spray over the entire area using left-to-right strokes---never up-and-down. Apply a total of three coats, keeping them thin so the paint doesn't run. Allow each coat to dry for 10 minutes. Open the paint gun, and add a small amount of reducer to the spray gun cup. Add one-fourth of the amount of reducer you measured and used for the original mixture.

Spray the outer edges of the repaired area, outlining the border between the repaired area and the original surface with two thin coats. This mixture with the heavier amount of reducer thins the clear coat paint as you spray it and slightly "burns" the clear coat paint already on the car, giving the finished paint job a more even look.


  • close Never spray paint inside a closed building or garage without proper ventilation.

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