How to Bleed the Brake Fluid in a Chevy Silverado

by Shayrgo Barazi
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If you have changed a brake line, brake master cylinder or caliper in your Chevy Silverado, then chances are you have introduced air into the brake system. Air in the brake system causes a mushy brake pedal and an increased braking time that can lead to an accident. The reason for this is because air is compressible while brake fluid isn't, which makes it a good candidate for transferring energy from one section of the brake system to another. Bleeding the brake fluid will ensure that your Chevy Silverado is safe to drive.

Step 1

Jack up the Silverado and place it on jack stands.

Step 2

Remove the wheels with a lug nut wrench and set them aside.

Step 3

Instruct your helper to start at the wheel that is farthest from the master cylinder then go to each subsequent wheel that is closer until the wheel on the side of the master cylinder is reached.

Step 4

Push down on the brake pedal and, while pushing down, count, "1, 2, 3" and on 3 say, "holding." This will inform your helper when the brake pedal is fully depressed.

Step 5

Instruct the helper to attach a clear rubber tube to the brake caliper bleeder and use an 8 mm wrench to open it when the brake pedal is depressed. The helper will start opening the bleeder at count 1 and close shortly after the brake pedal is fully depressed.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you don't see any bubbles of air going through the clear rubber hose. At that point you should feel the brake pedal to be a little harder to press down than before.

Step 7

Check the level of the brake fluid in the master cylinder and top off if necessary. Do not let the master cylinder run out of brake fluid or else air will enter the brake system, and you will have to start the brake bleeding process over again.

Step 8

Continue bleeding the other three corners of the truck. The brake pedal should be very firm at this point, and all air should be purged out of the system. If the pedal remains mushy, repeat the process again.

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