How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a 350 Chevrolet

by Jen Davis
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The larger a vehicle's motor is, the worse fuel mileage it typically gets. There are ways to improve the gas mileage you are getting in your Chevrolet with its V8 350 motor. You can get better fuel mileage out of your Chevrolet 350 through proper maintenance and by making small changes in the way you operate your vehicle. Over time, the small changes you make can add up to a significant fuel savings.

Step 1

Make sure your motor and tires are properly maintained. The Union of Concerned Scientists claims that if an engine is in poor condition, it will not get the kind of gas mileage it is supposed to. One of the most effective ways to make sure your Chevy 350 is getting the best gas mileage possible is to keep the motor in prime running condition.

Step 2

Replace the tires on the vehicle with specially-made low rolling resistance tires. Low rolling resistance tires are intended to reduce the amount of drag the tires place on the vehicle's motor. You should also always make certain your tires are properly inflated and aligned in order to reduce drag and keep fuel mileage high.

Step 3

Try to avoid traveling with additional or unnecessary weight in your vehicle. Carrying additional weight increases the amount of work your engine has to do to power the vehicle. The more work your Chevrolet 350 motor has to do, the worse gas mileage it will get.

Step 4

Do not leave your 350 idling for any long lengths of time. Turn your vehicle off if you will be sitting in one place for more than a minute or two. Your motor is using fuel when you are idling. Contrary to popular belief, the Union of Concerned Scientists claim it does not take more fuel to restart a motor than it does to leave it idling for more than a minute.

Step 5

Limit your use of the air conditioner. Cool your Chevy by running the fan or opening windows whenever possible.

Step 6

Limit how much you drive. Try to plan appointments and errands so that you can accomplish multiple tasks on the same trip, rather than making several different trips. You can also limit your gas usage by parking in a central location and walking to multiple destinations instead of making several short drives going from store to store on the same block.

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