How to Avoid Paying Traffic Fines

by Arthur Gamble

With precious few exceptions most of us who are fortunate enough to drive vehicles have gotten the occasional traffic ticket and have been forced to pay the fine. Here are some things to help you so that you rarely again have to pay a traffic ticket.

Make a commitment to obey the law. The first and most obvious way to avoid paying traffic tickets, for some of us is also the hardest: drive within the confines of the vehicle laws of your state. It seems simple enough. Don’t speed. Don’t drive drunk. Obey traffic signs. If you don’t break the law, it is unlikely you will be held accountable for having done so.

Pay attention, if cited, to the offense for which the officer writes the ticket. Some officers, in an attempt to be “cool” to you, will charge you will a lesser offense, to help you out so that you don’t have to pay as much on the ticket. However, when you go to court, you can often get away with telling this to the judge. While I don’t recommend this in a small town, large cities are excellent place to get away with this trick. “Honest Judge, I was absolutely breaking a law at the point I was given this ticket. That said, I am not being charged for that offense today. I am being charged with the offense listed, and frankly I didn’t do that. As to what I was actually doing, I’m sorry, but I am exercising my liberty not to specifically incriminate myself. Not Guilty." In most cases, the judge will see the law behind what you are saying and you will get off.

Pay the piper with something other than cash. If you did what you were accused of and know you are to be held accountable for that for which you have been accused you still may not have to pay. Instead, own the choice you made and seek to pay by some other means other than money. In some jurisdictions, you can ask a judge to remand you to one day at “Traffic School.” Once you do your time at traffic school, typically far cheaper than paying the traffic fine, your driving record will be cleaned and you will be absolved from payment. In other cases, you can ask the judge for community service in lieu of a fine. Volunteering at your kids’ school, or doing work for a local community non-profit is usually enough to suffice. Once again, you will be absolved from payment in a monetary form.


  • check Traffic tickets for some are simply a normal part of the cost of driving. Some call speeding tickets “the road is all mine taxes." Next time you get a speeding ticket, keep in mind that you may have alternatives available other than paying the fine.

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