Arizona Tow Dolly Rules & Regulations

by Smokey Yokems
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Every state has its own regulations regarding the use of a tow dolly. If you plan to travel cross-country and need to tow an additional vehicle, you'll need to learn each state's requirements to avoid incurring unnecessary delays or fines due to lack of compliance with state laws. In Arizona, several legislative transportation statues apply to the use of tow dollies.


Arizona statute defines a tow dolly as a vehicle designed specifically for drivers to transport an additional motor vehicle by securing the front or back wheels of the transported vehicle to the dolly while the opposite wheels of the transported vehicle remain on the ground.

Vehicle Length

In Arizona, the combined length of a vehicle from front bumper to rear bumper of a motor vehicle secured to a tow dolly cannot exceed 65 feet.

Vehicle Height

The height of a tow dolly, with or without a motor vehicle secured to it, cannot exceed 13.5 feet from the ground in Arizona.


A motor vehicle attached to a tow dolly must be fully secured to the dolly by two separate chains, cables or ropes with the capacity to contain a load weight equivalent to that of the secured motor vehicle.

Triple Tow Rules

In Arizona, towing more than one unit is generally illegal. An exception allows recreational vehicles to tow two units, however, provided that the combined total gross weight of the towed units does not exceed the manufacturer's published standard tow weight requirements for the towing vehicle, and that the middle unit has a fifth wheel and brakes. The middle unit must also weigh as much or more than the third unit; if the rear unit has a gross weight of 3,000 lbs. or more, it must also have brakes.

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