Alternators That Produce 500 Amps

by Dan Eash
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Five-hundred amp alternators are a rare breed. According to Rush Power Systems owner Darren Flint, who opened his doors in the late eighties, "when I first started this company, the world's most powerful alternator available was a unit that was as large as a 4-cylinder engine, and it was about as heavy, but it could produce a max of 350 amps." Darren says a 500-amp alternator won't generate any power below 2,500 rpm, so it's impractical for automotive applications. The few that exist are intended for heavy industrial use.

Niehoff C803D

When asked about the highest output alternators on the market, starting and charging specialists ELREG Distributors say 320 amps is the limit for 12V systems, but at 24V the bar is raised to 500 amps by Niehoff's C803D. Niehoff claims their C803D is "the highest output commercial alternator available." This unit has a cradle mount to adapt it to most commercial engine applications. Air cooling makes an oil circulation system unnecessary, and the C803D's high-efficiency design minimizes internal operating temperatures. It also has a brushless construction, coatings to protect the regulator and rectifier and long-life bearings. Niehoff's engineering excellence gives the C803D good reliability and outstanding low idle output ratings. This 500-amp alternator is made in America and rated to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards.

Dynamo Sliven DEA 500

According to their web site at, Dynamo Sliven is a market leader in electrical machinery production. By the summer of 2010, they finished testing of a new 500-amp alternator called the DEA 500. They claim it's the most powerful alternator you can buy because its rating of 75 percent makes it more efficient than its competition. The brushless DEA 500 is the latest and most advanced unit in the Dynamo Sliven line of high-output alternators.

HO DC Power

High Output Alternators (HO) claims they make "the best high output DC power generating units in the world." Their alternators are designed for audio extremists who build high-end systems for audio competitions. These systems put enormous demands on car alternators as some of them can blow out a car's windows when the volume is maxed. A recent competition winner, who was using an HO alternator, produced a sound pressure level of 180 decibels, which is louder than a 747! Although HO alternators aren't technically rated at 500 amps (they top out at 300), they claim that their best alternators can deliver over 800 battery charging amps in a 12V system.

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