Alternative Uses for Car Batteries

by Jon Sanders
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Car batteries can serve many different purposes besides just starting your car. With a little imagination, some ingenuity and a little extra wire, car batteries can provide you with an alternative energy supply.

Green Energy

12 volt car batteries are an excellent source of green energy. They can be used to run small appliances and recharged with small solar cell panels.

Emergency power supply

Car batteries can be useful in situations when you experience a loss of power at home. They are an excellent source for emergency power for things such as small lamps or small refrigerators for a short amount of time.


Once a car battery is no longer usable in your car, it needs to be recycled. Car batteries are made up of several different types of heavy metals, such as lead. When they are recycled, the old batteries are crushed and separated, and the lead is removed to be used in new car batteries.

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