How to Align Wiper Blades After Changing the Motor

by Dale Yalanovsky

Once you change a windshield wiper motor, you need to attach the linkage. When you attach the linkage back to the wiper motor drive shaft, there's no guarantee that the wipers themselves are in the original position. Obviously, this situation isn't viable, with the wipers skewed every which way from normal, making them essentially useless. However, if you have some solid do-it-yourself experience, you can align the wipers back as good as new.

Step 1

Locate the plastic cap that covers the wiper arm base, which attaches to the drive pin.

Step 2

Flip up the cap with your flat-bladed screwdriver. You'll see a small holding nut.

Step 3

Pick the socket that fits snugly over the nut. Generally, it's in the 3/8-inch range, but it varies from maker to maker.

Step 4

Unscrew this nut with your ratchet, and pull it off all the way.

Step 5

Pull the wiper arm off the drive pin. You'll see the many tines that fit precisely into the respective tine channels inside of the wiper arm.

Step 6

Rotate the wiper arm until it sits parallel to your lower windshield. At this juncture, it's at its normal position.

Step 7

Press the wiper arm back onto the tines of the drive pin, making sure the tine channels match with the tines. If they do, the wiper arm presses on smoothly.

Step 8

Screw the holding nut back on with your socket and ratchet, and then push the little plastic cap back down over the nut. Repeat this procedure on the other wiper arm if it's out of position.

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