The Advantages of Towing a Dolly Behind an RV

by Christopher Jackson

RV owners who require a second vehicle while camping can choose to tow a car with a specialized tow bar that keeps all four wheels on the ground, with a two-wheeled tow dolly or with a full-length trailer. Though using a bar to tow "four-down" is arguably the most popular method, using a two-wheel tow dolly carries several advantages as well.

No Car Prep Required

Because a tow dolly carries the front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground, front-wheel drive cars do not require any modifications for towing. Any car towed four-down must have a tow bar installed, adding further expense on top of the price of the tow bar itself. To tow four-down, many modern vehicles must have a special lubrication pump installed in the transmission to prevent damage as well. Some dollies come with surge brakes that eliminate the need for an auxiliary braking system in the towed vehicle---a requirement in most states.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Towing with the front wheels raised also reduces wear on the towed vehicle's tires. In some cars, towing four-down will cause the odometer to turn as well, meaning that the towed vehicle accumulates miles while not even driving. Higher mileage figures will hurt the car's resale value.

Easy storage

Unlike full-size trailers, most tow dollies are small enough to allow a single person to move them. Storage at the campsite is easy; most drivers find that they can slide the dolly partially under the RV to minimize the room needed to stow it. Some manufacturers even produce folding tow dollies designed to take up even less space.

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