How to Adjust Hyundai Rear Brakes

by Alibaster Smith

The rear brakes on Hyundai vehicles are self-adjusting. This means that the rear brakes will adjust over time as you use them. However, a manual adjustment can and should be done initially to ensure that the pads "bed in" or adhere to the rotor properly during braking. "Bedding in" is the process of adjusting the brakes so that some of the brake pad material coats the surface of the rotor and "sticks". Then, when you apply brake pedal pressure, the brake pads will have a better grip on the rotor surface.

Step 1

Turn the engine on and put the Hyundai in "Reverse."

Step 2

Slowly back up and apply the brakes. Repeat this process several times. Each time you do this, the pedal pressure should become more and more firm. You should only need to do this three to four times.

Step 3

Drive the Hyundai at 40 mph. Apply the brakes in a controlled and normal fashion until you slow down to 10 mph, but do not stop the vehicle.

Step 4

Increase speed to 40 mph again and apply the brakes until you reach 10 mph. It is important that you do not come to a complete stop during the adjustment period or you may improperly bed the pads to the rotor surface.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 one more time. Your brakes should be properly adjusted at this point.

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