How to Adjust a Clutch Pedal

by Marjorie Gilbert

Drivers with standard shift cars enjoy the feeling of being in control as they shift from one gear to another. But you may occasionally have to adjust the clutch when you have difficulty switching gears or you want to change the clutch's engagement point.

Method One


Slip one foot under the clutch pedal.


Lift the pedal up toward the steering wheel as high as it will go without forcing it.


Test the clutch to see whether you like where it shifts. This method works well for self-adjusting clutches. If you are not happy with the results, go on to Method Two.

Method Two


Lower yourself so that you can easily see the dashboard's underside. You may want to kneel down beside your car with the door open.


Depress the clutch pedal with your right hand and hold it down.


Look for the assembly at the top of the shaft where the clutch pedal is suspended. You'll see what looks like a hook on the assembly.


Push the hook up until it clicks while maintaining constant pressure on the clutch pedal. One click should be sufficient.


Release the clutch pedal and test the adjustment. If you're not satisfied and want to return to the default adjustment, lift the clutch pedal as high as possible with your toe. This resets the clutch pedal.

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