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How to Adjust the Clutch in a Ford Mustang

by Contributor

There is more than one reason to adjust the clutch in your Mustang; the clutch may be worn; the pedal feels "mushy"; you may experience difficult when you shift; or, you may not like the point at which the clutch engages. Make sure you adjust the clutch while the engine is not running and the Mustang is in neutral.

Step 1

Try to lift the clutch of your Mustang with your toe while you sit in the driver's seat. This is the simplest way of adjusting your clutch. This simple action actuates the "self-adjusting mechanism" for your clutch, and is quite effective if your clutch is wearing normally.

Step 2

Look for the quadrant in the engine bay where the ratchet assembly on the clutch pedal's rod is located in the Mustang. Push what looks like a hook upwards. This will turn the ratchet assembly counter-clockwise, which will shorten the clutch cable. Do only one click at a time then test out how the clutch pedal feels before adjusting it more. If you don't like the adjustment you made, reset the clutch by lifting it up with your toe (this returns it to the default position). If you have to adjust the clutch in the Mustang more than two clicks, then something more may be wrong with your car.

Step 3

Keep the clutch adjustment you made in your Mustang by bending the tab on the ratchet mechanism. By bending the tab, you prevent the clutch from readjusting if you accidentally lift the clutch pedal with your foot.

Check out clutch pilot bushing as well as the transmission input-shaft bearing should you have clutch chatter after you have adjusted the clutch of your Ford Mustang. It could be an indication of excessive play of the inplay shaft.

Items you will need

  • Wrench or pliers

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