How to Add Automatic Transmission Fluid to a Jeep Cherokee

by Derek Odom
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If the automatic transmission in your Jeep Cherokee is slipping, especially when cold, it's probably time to add fluid. The process is simple and straightforward. The best time to check the transmission fluid level is after the vehicle has warmed up, with the engine idling and the transmission in Neutral with the parking brake set.

Step 1

Open the hood by pulling back on the latch inside the vehicle, usually located in front of the driver's door. Move the latch under the partially open hood to the left and lift up. Set the hood brace to keep the hood up and double-check that it is secure.

Step 2

Remove the transmission's oil dipstick. It is the one with a yellow handle near the firewall of the Jeep, sticking up higher than the valve cover. Grab the handle and pull straight up slowly until the entire dipstick is in view. Wipe the dipstick entirely clean with a rag so that no automatic transmission fluid remains on the metal.

Step 3

Replace the dipstick into the tube all the way and pull it back out, the same as in Step 2. Look at the very tip of the dipstick. There is an “Add” line and a “Full” line. If red fluid is under the full line, you need more fluid. Once again, wipe the dipstick clean with your rag and set it aside, making sure to keep the end clear of dirt or debris.

Step 4

Place a funnel into the dipstick tube and pour in automatic transmission fluid. When you are done pouring, allow the funnel to remain there for a minute or two to ensure all of it goes into the transmission. Remove the funnel and replace the dipstick into the tube. Put the hood brace down and close the hood.

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