How to Add Refrigerant to a Dodge Caravan

by John Walker

Vehicles after 1996 use R134a refrigerant in the air conditioners, which does not require any certifications or special skills to use. You can refill your air conditioner using a refill canister available at any auto-parts retailer. The Dodge Caravan locates the refill port near the AC condenser, a large, silver cylinder near the front of the passenger's side of the engine compartment. The refill port is on the larger-diameter tube and is capped with a black, screw-on cap. The refill canister will only fit on this port.

Step 1

Remove the black cap from the low-pressure refill port next to the AC condenser towards the front of the passenger's side of the engine.

Step 2

Press the refill canister quick-connect fitting onto the port. The fitting will pop into place.

Step 3

Start the vehicle. Turn the air conditioner to the highest, coolest setting.

Step 4

Allow the vehicle to run for a few minutes, and check the pressure gauge. The canister will tell you how to read the pressure. Refill if the system is low.

Step 5

Press the button on top of the canister to fill the system. Fill in 30-second sprays, checking the pressure between each spray. Disconnect the canister by lifting up on the sides of the quick-connect fitting. Replace the black cap.

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