How to Add AUX to a CD Player

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Adding an AUX input to your vehicle's CD player will open your stereo system up to many possible connections. You can use an AUX input to connect an MP3 player or satellite radio receiver to your vehicle without needing a head unit that has the ability built in. You have two options when adding an AUX jack: you can use an FM transmitter or an FM modulator. The FM modulator is by far the better option, as it allows you to connect your AUX input directly to your CD player versus transmitting over-the-air with a less reliable FM transmitter.

Step 1

Lift your vehicle's hood to access the battery. Loosen the bolt that holds the negative battery cable on the negative battery terminal with a wrench. Move the cable away from the battery to prevent shorting the electrical system during the installation.

Step 2

Remove the CD player from the vehicle's stereo dock by following the procedures found in your car's repair manual.

Step 3

Disconnect the antenna cable and stereo wiring connections from the outlets on the rear panel of the unit. Be sure to squeeze the release mechanisms on the connectors before pulling the wiring from the outlets if your vehicle is equipped with that feature.

Step 4

Plug the wiring harness adapter into the outlets on the back of the CD player. Plug the vehicle's stereo wiring connectors into the adapter's lead connectors. Locate the lead adapters for auxiliary components (either labeled on the adapter or diagrammed in the adapter's manual). Plug the FM modulator connectors into the appropriate adapter leads.

Step 5

Plug the vehicle's antenna cable into the antenna input on the FM modulator. Plug the antenna lead from the FM modulator into the antenna outlet on the rear panel of the CD player.

Step 6

Route the AUX lead from the FM modulator into the glove compartment adjacent to the stereo mounting dock. Tuck the FM modulator box in the rear of the dock if there is ample space. If there is not enough space in the back of the stereo dock, place the entire modulator in the glove compartment.

Step 7

Replace the CD player in the dashboard stereo dock and replace any panels removed during removal of the unit. See the repair manual for installation procedures. Return to the vehicle's battery.

Step 8

Place the negative battery cable lamp back around the vehicle's negative battery terminal. Tighten the cable to the battery lead with the wrench. Close the hood and return to the inside of the vehicle to test the installation.

Step 9

Turn the CD player on.

Step 10

Tune the CD player to the frequency listed on the FM modulator or in the accompanying manual. Connect an AUX source to the FM modulator's lead. Play the content on the auxiliary component and adjust the volume of the CD player to hear the content.

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