How to Add Antifeeze to a Honda Motorcycle VTX1300

by Jason Marker

Maintaining the proper coolant level in a water-cooled motorcycle is imperative to maintaining the engine and ensuring a long running life. While replacing coolant and flushing the cooling system is an arduous task at best, monitoring the coolant level on a day-to-day basis and keeping it topped off is quite simple.

Place the bike in a motorcycle stand or have an assistant hold the motorcycle upright. Check coolant levels by checking the coolant reserve tank. The reserve tank is located at the rear of the engine, in front of the rear wheel near the oil filter. Proper coolant levels fall between the full and empty lines on the reserve tank.

If coolant is low, remove the left side cover by gently prying it out of its grommets. Carefully set the side cover aside. Make sure the motorcycle is not running and slowly unscrew the coolant reserve tank filler cap, found beneath the side cover.

Using the funnel, slowly add coolant until the coolant level shows between the full and empty lines on the coolant reserve tank. Replace the reserve coolant tank filler cap and clean up any spilled coolant with the shop rags. Carefully press the side cover back into place.


  • check When checking your coolant level, the motorcycle's engine should be running and the engine should be at operating temperature. Make sure the engine is off when removing the reserve tank cap and filling the reserve tank.
  • check Honda recommends its Pro Honda HP coolant for use in the VTX1300, but any good-quality ethylene-glycol coolant with silicate-free corrosion inhibitors will do.


  • close Avoid spilling coolant on painted surfaces, as it could damage the paint or finish.
  • close Coolant is a hazardous substance. You should limit skin contact with coolant, and keep it securely stored away from children and pets.

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