Where Is the AC Condenser Located?

by Marcus Baker
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An AC condenser is one of several parts that work together to form a vehicle's AC system. Pressurized gases that have gone into the condenser come out of it as liquid refrigerant and are then utilized by the rest of the system.


An AC condenser looks somewhat like a radiator only a bit smaller. Although its location can vary according to vehicle type, it's usually positioned slightly under the vehicle's grill, with the radiator located right behind it.


There are several benefits awarded to a condenser because of its location. When air flows through the grill of a vehicle, a condenser will use this to assist it with the cooling of refrigerant. Its location near the radiator's fan also brings about extra cooling assistance.


An AC compressor is known to let out all kinds of debris when it is in use. Because of a condenser's low position, it is able to effectively catch and collect much of this debris and oil before it has a chance to spread to other parts of the system.

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