How to Know If the AC Clutch Relay Is Bad on a Honda

by Johnathan Cronk
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Honda designs and manufactures a wide range of vehicles. Many of Honda's vehicles are equipped with air conditioner units. The AC compressor clutch is the power feed to your AC compressor. The compressor is the unit that cools the air before it enters into the Honda's cabin. If your AC is not properly cooling the vehicle, the AC clutch relay could be faulty. You can test the clutch relay for power with a test light.

Step 1

Turn the Honda engine on. Turn the AC settings to "Off." Open the hood of the Honda vehicle. Locate the AC clutch relay. Trace the wire that runs off the AC compressor; this wire plugs into the clutch relay. The relay is mounted on the firewall. You will notice a three-wire connection on the relay.

Step 2

Connect the test light clip to the negative battery terminal. Touch the test light lead to the middle of the three wires. The middle wire receives power from the clutch relay. The wire should read "Inactive."

Step 3

Turn the AC control to "On." Unplug the wire harness from the AC compressor. Touch the test light lead to the middle wire once more. The wire should now read "Hot." If the test light does not register, the clutch is faulty and not sending power to the compressor.

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